Musical Instruments

The Most Popular Music Genres Worldwide

Music is appreciated across the world by diverse communities. The diversity of these cultures across the globe brings about different music genres. Each genre can be associated with a place or people who boast of its creation. However, some music genres stand out worldwide. Below are some of the popular music genres in the world.


This genre is among the most popular in the music industry. It is slowly edging out other music genres such as soft rock. The lyrics and style make it more appealing to young people. You could equate its popularity to an mFortune free spins bonus addiction. Various research conducted worldwide have shown that it is the most popular genre.

Hip Hop

In the early 70s, it was considered the most favourite genre for young people. Since then, this genre has gained massive popularity and is evolving remarkably. Hip hop music is a global style with different variations in sound or delivery, smooth or intense. The subgenres include rap and trap.


The advancement of technology saw the evolvement of dance and electronic music. Producers use computers instead of musical instruments to build a song. As the industry found new ways to produce the genre, it became popular in the early nineties and eighties.


Rock is still solid even though it may seem overwritten by other music genres. But still, it is considered among the most famous music genres worldwide. Rock has its roots in the blues. This genre was first popular in the United States before spreading globally.


Even though this genre has evolved a lot with time, it has retained its identity all throughout. It is characterised by sounds from acoustic guitars, great voices, and banjos. Recently, artists have been spicing up the genre using other musical styles.

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